The PityN Organization
Eliott PITYN
Mr. Pityn is a visionary in the world of real estate, known for his expertise in Acquisitions, Recapitalizations, and Portfolio Management. As the Principal and CEO of The Pityn Organization, he has played a key role in building the company into a leading player in the industry.
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Mr. Pityn founded The Pityn Organization in 2016 with a mission to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the world of real estate. Since then, he has led the company through a period of tremendous growth and success, acquiring a portfolio of over $50 Million with a diverse range of properties totaling over 350 units across Canada.

One of the key factors that sets Mr. Pityn apart from the competition is his deep understanding of the real estate market and his ability to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities. He has a keen eye for finding undervalued properties that have the potential to generate substantial returns, and his expertise in recapitalizing these properties has allowed The Pityn Organization to deliver exceptional results for its clients.

Despite these impressive accomplishments, Mr. Pityn is always looking for ways to push the boundaries and take The Pityn Organization to new heights. He and his team have set their sights on procuring assets worth $100 Million by 2025, and they have a long-term vision of growing the company to reach $500 Million by 2030 and beyond.

Eliott Pityn

In addition to his business acumen

Mr. Pityn is a passionate advocate for his clients and the communities in which he works. He recognizes the important role that real estate plays in shaping the lives of people, and he takes this responsibility very seriously. Whether it's working with local government officials to create more affordable housing options or partnering with local organizations to create vibrant, thriving communities.
Mr. Pityn is always striving to make a positive impact.